Tailoring Process

Selecting a cloth

Step 01

We have variety of cloths to choose from. At your consultation, you can browse through our cloth books at your leisure. Please share your suit image with our staff.

Selecting a design, buttons and linings

Step 02

Choose accessories from our original styling model which we offer you with confidence and select detail design and variation. Selecting the best buttons and lining for main fabric is one of the best things in made-to-order suit. (You can do the same things on the order of coat and outerwear.)

Measurements and alterations

Step 03

Measure your body size and put on a gauge sample to alter a garment. It is very important process to make perfect fit garments

Receiving your items

Step 04

Many people dedicate effort to each garment. After inspections, you will receive the garment. It takes about 4 weeks.
We store your order data, and we will take it into consideration when you order suit next time.


About the flow of new order suits

Introducing details about various orders, order flow, and guarantee system. When you make a new custom-made suit at our shop for the first time, it will be smooth if you can see it in advance.